Gabriel Laderman: Unconventionbal Realist
Museum of Art, University of New Hampshire

Introduction by Langdon Quinn, Essays by David Carbone and Lincoln Perry. 20 Color reproductions, Exhibition Checklist, Resume and Bibliography. Published by the University of New Hampshire, 2008, 62 Pages, $20.00

Now that figuration has reentered the mainstream of contemporary art, Gabriel Laderman is being celebrated as oneof the most challenging and outstanding painters of the last half century. Laderman is a key figure in the development of postabstract figuration, or new realism, as it was called, during the 1960s and '70s. He became an early and important model as an artist, critic, and theorist for peers and younger painters, here and abroad. Laderman was one of the first painters to reject the conventions of abstract expressionism and collage. In its place, he brought the structural and metaphoric thinking of abstraction to perceptual representation. Standing apart from academic formulas, and from any obvious modernist strategy, he completely rethought figuration.

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Images courtesy of the artist, Langdon Quinn and the University of New Hampshire.

University of Virginia Art Museum
August 13 to October 12, 2008
Museum of Art, University of New Hampshire
December 1-December 15, 2008
Rosemary Berkel and Harry L. Crisp II Museum
Southeast Missouri State University
January 13- March 15, 2009
New York Academy of Art
March 31 – April 28, 2009
Louisiana State University Museum of Art
September 4- October 25, 2009